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Dallas Considering Strict Punishment for Uninsured Drivers

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The Dallas City Council will be considering whether police should begin
towing all of the vehicles who are ticketed for failing to have required
insurance coverage. There has been much debate over this issue because it
highlights some racial, economic and cultural issues.

Last year, about 3,900 uninsured drivers were involved in accidents in Dallas.
The current policy is to tow uninsured drivers’ vehicles only when they’re in
wrecks. But the council will be considering whether police should tow the
76,000 drivers ticketed for no insurance who were not involved in accidents.

Some on the council oppose the towing, claiming that the issue affects poor African
Americans and Hispanics the most. Statistics currently reveal that blacks and Hispanics
make up more than two-thirds of the drivers ticketed for no insurance.

Texas state law requires all
drivers to carry liability insurance.