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Family of Police Officer Dwayne Freeto Suing Ford Motor Company

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The family of a police officer who was killed in a car crash is filing a lawsuit against the man who killed him, as well as Ford Motor Company. They claim that the Crown Victoria that Freeto was driving was unsafe and that faulty designs in its manufacturing process led to his death.

Dwayne Freeto was killed two years ago after another driver slammed into his car on Interstate 35W. He was attempting to help a stranded motorist when Samuel Lee Hilburn, drunk, crashed his car into Freeto’s. Hillburn was convicted of intoxication manslaughter and is currently serving 13 years in prison.

The family attorney for Freeto’s family, Mark Haney, said that Crown Victorias are a deathtrap and have a poorly designed gas tank.

A simple google search reveals that there is indeed quite a bit of press about the faulty design of the Crown Victoria gas tank.

Visit here for more information about the design flaws.

This website gives a timeline of several deaths that have occurred as a result of the flawed design. The numbers are astonishing! According to the website, Ford quit selling these cars to the public in 2007, however, they still sell the cars to police organizations and cab companies around the country.

Source: Wfaa.com