Dallas, Texas


Bryan Pope

Texas Legislature Recklessly Proposes 85 MPH Speed Limit

So I’m recently reading the Dallas Morning News and saw where our State Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has proposed raising the speed limit on some highways to 85 mph. Ironically, this…

Jeff Rasansky

Hit and Run 101

When you were a kid, you probably knocked over a glass of water at least once. After an initial reaction of frustration or annoyance, your parents may have told you that accidents happen and that…

Jeff Rasansky

Don't Wreck your Case- Avoid these Mistakes after a Car Crash

If you’ve ever been to the circus, you are probably familiar with the sights and sounds under the big top. There are clowns, a ringmaster, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers, and lions and…

Jeff Rasansky

Why you need a lawyer if you have been injured in a car crash

According to statistics provided on Injury Board’s wiki page, in 2009, there were a total of 6.2 million automobile accidents. Of those 6.2 million, 2.2 million involved personal…

Jeff Rasansky

How to Combat Insurance Agencies Following a Car Crash

Following a car crash, you may be too upset and agitated to recognize the tactics employed by insurance agencies to reduce your payout. Although you reliably pay your premium, your insurance…

Jeff Rasansky

A contract with my new teen driver.

When your sixteen year old start to drive, it opens up all kinds of new worlds! Each of us has a different perspective on what it means for our teenager to start driving but at the same time we are…

Jeff Rasansky

'Technology feeds' about drivers and driver studies

Here are some good videos on drivers and driver studies.
Safety belt fetes 50 years
Drivers get virtual guardian angel
Crash test warning
Marijuana makes for bad drivers

Jeff Rasansky

How Damaging Can Social Networks Be?

Today it’s not so much about what we say but when and how we say it. People who are posting on social networks need to realize it has repercussions across all aspects of their life. They…

Jeff Rasansky

What influences whiplash recovery?

Whiplash is the most common traffic injury and has a lot of side effects and long lasting syptoms. A study by the Arthritis Care & Research Center author states The results agree with our…

Jeff Rasansky

Texas Drivers, Meet Big Brother and Big Insurance

Rarely drive your car?
Rarely drive your car at night, during rush hour, or in major cities?
Do you always accelerate and deccelerate smoothly?
Do you live in a state that would guarantee a…