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What influences whiplash recovery?

Whiplash is the most common traffic injury and has a lot of side effects and long lasting syptoms. A study by the Arthritis Care & Research Center author states The results agree with our…

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Texas Drivers, Meet Big Brother and Big Insurance

Rarely drive your car?
Rarely drive your car at night, during rush hour, or in major cities?
Do you always accelerate and deccelerate smoothly?
Do you live in a state that would guarantee a…

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What Are Rollover Roof Crush Accidents?

Rollover roof crush accidents

Roof crush accidents caused by rollover of a car, minivan, truck, or SUV can be life-threatening situations, and they cause injury or death to thousands of Americans…

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Dallas Auto accident lawyer: 1 Woman Dies in a Car Crash in Texarkana

A crash in the early morning on US 59 south of Texarkana at the Sulpher River Bridge has left one person dead. Janette Lawson, from Atlanta, was transported to Wadley Regional Hospital where she was…

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On The Subject Of Whiplash Injuries

By far the most common type of injury I see in auto accident cases is the typical whiplash injury. The term refers to the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the neck and back following…

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On The Subject of Whiplash Claims

Whiplash claims are some of the most common that are made following a road accident. Drivers and passengers can find themselves missing days at work and much needed wages through being…

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Dallas Car Crash Attorney: Grimes County Wreck Kills Two Texas Tech Students

A car crash in Grimes County killed two Texas Tech University students and sent two others to a hospital with critical injuries. Jeffrey Michael Inns and Kyle Drew Anderson of Montgomery, were…

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Dallas Rollover Accident Attorney: What You Should Know

Rollover accidents account for a huge portion of occupant fatalities and one-fourth of all of automobile accident related deaths every year. Somehow, however, these rollovers are very survivable…

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Dallas Auto Accident Attorney: String of Accidents Rolls Through North Texas

A string of accidents have occurred lately in North Texas. First, in Richland Hills, a woman and her children were hurt on sunday when her child was ejected from the rolling car.
The accident…

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Family of Police Officer Dwayne Freeto Suing Ford Motor Company

The family of a police officer who was killed in a car crash is filing a lawsuit against the man who killed him, as well as Ford Motor Company. They claim that the Crown Victoria that Freeto was…