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Bryan Pope

Lawsuit Highlights How RSD/CRPS Often Misunderstood

Although Jim Broatch, executive vice president of the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association, describes the pain associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) as greater than that of giving birth or having a digit amputated, there is widespread misunderstanding about […]

Mary Alice McLarty

4th of July Special – Thanks to the Founding Lawyers

Happy 4th of July and thank God for our Founding Fathers and their vision which has kept America vital for over 235 years. I read an interesting book recently, The Founding Lawyers and America’s…

Bryan Pope

Hot Coffee Spills The Secrets of Tort Deform

Tonight on HBO, the documentary movie Hot Coffee by Susan Saladoff, the former president of Public Justice will premier at 9 pm EST. This movie will finally provide a strong and persuasive response…

Bryan Pope

Special Interest Money Flows Into Texas To Buy Corporate Immunity

I know it appears that all I want to talk about these days is the Tort Reform movement in Texas this Legislative Session. But people need to understand that decisions that will be made in the next…

Bryan Pope

Texas Legislators Attempting to Slam Courthouse Doors for Victims and Consumers

Although the State of Texas faces a multimillion dollar budgetary shortfall, the public schools are threatened by massive cuts in teachers and resources, and the elderly, handicapped and the poor…

Jeff Rasansky

When to Hire a Social Security Lawyer?

Contrary to popular belief, the doors to Social Security benefits are not opened only to those who have reached retirement age. While Social Security is primarily a federal program to provide a…

Jeff Rasansky

Top 10 Mistakes in Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is an intensive process. You will often hear people complaining about their relationship with their attorney. Issues can be circumvented if you make a concerted effort to avoid…

Jeff Rasansky

Yes, it pays to be a PPC Attorney

Last week we addressed the cost of being a PPC attorney. Just a little nudge to measure conversions when doing pay per click (PPC) campaigns like Adwords. Of course it is worth the investment but,…

Jeff Rasansky

The cost of being a PPC attorney.

Finance and travel have the top costs in the pay per click (PPC) campaigns run online by search engines like Google. But, being an attorney is right up there in cost per clicks. Just read this…

Jeff Rasansky

Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies in the United States

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) has recently published a lengthy report detailing America’s ten worst insurance companies. The majority of these companies are household names, each…