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Jeff Rasansky

Pneumonia- Surprisingly the Most Common Disease in Nursing Homes

When you think of the diseases that would be found in a nursing home, you probably think of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers or Parkinson’s. But in reality, one of the most common diseases…

Jeff Rasansky

Several Cases of Nursing Home Abuse in California

Three former managers at a Kern County nursing home have been arrested in the deaths of three residents who were given needless doses of psychotropic medications. How does this happen?
Over 20…

Jeff Rasansky

Nursing Home Neglect Results in Death in California

Most of us do not like the thought of placing a loved one in a nursing home. While it is true that many people work to provide the absolute best care possible for patients in these homes, it only…

Jeff Rasansky

North Texas Nursing Home Abuse: A Huge Problem

Around 1/4 licensed nursing homes in Dallas County have been cited for violations of state and federal standards that put residents in harms way. In Denton County, around 1/6 of the nursing home…

Jeff Rasansky

Why Are Nursing Home Conditions so Poor?

Nursing homes are responsible for some of the worst living conditions and abuse in the country. We have reported on several stories where residents have been put through some terrible conditions…

Jeff Rasansky

Nursing Home Evictions: How Can They Do That??

Nursing homes all over the country are evicting residents. According to the Wall Street Journal, complaints about these discharge practices have doubled over the past decade, which makes it the…

Jeff Rasansky

Disabled Women Raped and Abused by Van Driver

In this disturbing story out of Virginia, two disabled women in wheelchairs separately testified that they had been molested and raped numerous times by the driver who transported one to adult…

Jeff Rasansky

Assisted Living Center Fined $42,000 for Numerous Abuse Citations

State inspectors have cited Iowa’s Legacy Gardens assisted-living center for resident abuse, backdating of medical records, violations of privacy rights, changing physicians’ orders, dozens of…