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Jeff Rasansky

Another Salmonella Outbreak?

There has been somewhat of a salmanalla outbreak across the country, with 388 cases reported in 42 states. Five of these cases were in Texas and one of them was in Tarrant County (North Texas Area)….

Jeff Rasansky

Online Weightloss Supplements Can be Dangerous

The FDA has issued a warning regarding several weight loss products that are being sold online. The agency is currently warning consumers not to purchase these products because they might actually…

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Lean Cuisine Meals Contaminated With Plastic

Uh oh. Looks like you need to put your lunch down for a minute.

Thousands of packages of Lean Cuisine meals are currently being recalled because they might in fact contain plastic. According to…

Jeff Rasansky

FEMA Trailers Contaminated With Formaldehyde Being Auctioned to Public

Toxic trailers that are currently being used to house Hurricane Katrina survivors are now being sold as scrap by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Already, lawmakers are concerned that…

Jeff Rasansky

9/11: 7 Years Later, Health Issues Still Rampant

It is officially the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and research is showing that rescue workers are dealing with serious health problems as a result of their exposure to ground…

Jeff Rasansky

Kroger to Expand Ground Beef Recall to 20 States

Kroger to Expand Ground Beef Recall to 20 States Don’t be so quick to take a bite out of that holiday hamburger! Kroger has expanded its voluntary recall of some of its ground beef products to its…

Jeff Rasansky

CDC Reports that FEMA Trailers Are Toxic

It’s been two years since residents of the FEMA trailers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast began reporting a myriad of health problems. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Thursday…

Jeff Rasansky

Man's Death Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Officials are still searching for the source of the salmonella outbreak that has been linked to 3 types of raw tomatoes. So far, several companies have taken red plum, red Roma and round red…

Jeff Rasansky

Salmonella Cases On the Rise

Salmonella poisoning is a common form of bacteria infection
that occurs most often as a form of food poisoning. Salmonella live in the
intestines of humans and other animals and are usually…

Jeff Rasansky

Chemical Found in Common Snacks Linked With Cancer

According to a recent study, the chemical acrylamide has been linked to several forms of cancer. Acrylamide is found in French fries, potato chips and even bread and coffee. Studies conducted in the…