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Jeff Rasansky

Types of On the Job Construction Accidents

When you are injured at work there are steps you should take in order to insure that your rights and benefits are not harmed as a result of the injury. Taking appropriate action after the injury…

Jeff Rasansky

Employee Right to Choose Doctor When Injured On the Job

Each morning when I arrive at work – usually by about six – I’m surprised to see the construction crews already on site next door. Next door to our Dallas office another…

Jeff Rasansky

Construction Crane Accident Attorney in Dallas

Construction accidents are very common in that particular industry. There are many perilous aspects to working around construction and it is quite easy to get hurt when working on scaffolding and…

Jeff Rasansky

Dallas Brain Injury Lawyer: How do I determine who is at fault?

Question: I received a brain injury while on the job. How do I determine who is at fault? Answer: Whenever you are injured on the job, you are able to receive workers’ compensation benefits….

Jeff Rasansky

1 Man Killed, 7 Injured After Wall Collapses at Rice University

A wall collapse at a construction site on the Rice University campus has left one worker dead and seven others injured. The collapse happened at around 4 p.m. Five workers were trapped when some…

Jeff Rasansky

Worker Seriously Injured By Heavy Equipment Accident

According to this article at silive.com, a worker at a Staten Island construction site was injured Monday night after he fell off of a front-end loader and was crushed by one of the wheels.

RLF Staff

Parkland Hospital Sued for Unpaid Overtime

Claiming she and other nurses had not been paid overtime for work done over the course of three years, Carrolton-resident Angela Valcho has filed a lawsuit against Parkland Health & Hospital System. As an hourly employee, a 30-minute lunch was automatically deducted when clocking in and out of the payroll system. According to her attorney, Alan Crone, Valcho claims there were several days when…

Jeremi Young

Overtime Recordkeeping

Many employers will tell employees that overtime will not be paid without the permission of a supervisor.However, supervisors then give employees too much work to be completed in a 40-hour week, which requires the employee to work longer to avoid disappointing his/her supervisor. Then if the employee submits the time worked, it is refused because it was not approved. This is not legal.The…

Robert Wolf

Carnival Cruise Lines Settles Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

From a honeymooner going overboard to alleged medical malpractice (update: not to mention the filing of Princess cruise lawsuits), it has not been a banner year for public relations of cruise lines. To add to the growing list of bad PR, Carnival Cruise Lines will pay $6.25 million to thousands of current and former crew members who alleged in federal lawsuits they were not paid enough overtime,…

Jeremi Young

Employee or Contractor Under Overtime Laws

Are you treated as an independent contractor by the company you work for? If so, you should take a closer look at whether you are being legally treated that way.Many company’s tell workers they are “independent contractors” in order to avoid the obligations tha come with employment. However, the mere fact that taxes are not withheld from your check does not mean you are properly classified as…