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Jeremi Young

Dollar Financial Settles Overtime Suits

Financial services company Dollar Financial Corp. has agreed to pay up to $5.8 million dollars to settle three class action lawsuits filed by former employees.The suit alleged that Dollar misclassified certain of it store managers as exempt under wage and hour laws in California. The Plaintiffs also claimed dollar used an improper profit-sharing formula in computing bonuses paid to store managers.

Clint Gilbert

Family Dollar Hit With $33.2M Penalty in Overtime Pay Suit

A jury last month ruled that discount chain Family Dollar owed $19.1 million for systematically classifying some employees as “salaried managers,” thus making them ineligible for overtime pay. A federal judge in Alabama has now increased the award to $33.2 million.The increased award comes after the court found that Family Dollar knew it was violating employment laws when they sat up the…

Jeremi Young

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Entitled to Overtime Pay

The Fifth Circuit court of Appeals has ruled that Nurse Practitioners (“NPs”) and Physician Assistants (“PAs”) who are paid on an hourly basis are entitled to overtime compensation for hours worked over 40 in a workweek.In June Belt, and others, versus EmCare, Inc and Texas EM-I Medical Services, P.A., a group of NPs and PAs sued claiming that their employer was violating federal law by…

Jeremi Young

Loan Originators Sue for Unpaid Overtime

Loan originators for First Horizon Home Loan Corp. have filed suit against the company claiming they were illegally denied overtime pay.Follow a series of similar lawsuits agianst Bank of Blue Valley in Overland Park, Kansas, recently settled for over $1 million, National Bank of Kansas and Principal Residential Mortgage, the First Horizon suit is one of the largest of its kind. Close to 6,000…

Jeremi Young

$4.45 Million Settlement To Be Paid to New York Employees of Service Corp. International Affiliates

Service Corp. International will pay over $4 million to settle a lawsuit alleging violations of overtime laws.The case involves premium payments, overtime and other wage & hour claims for funeral directors and other non-exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”). More than six hundred present and former employees of affiliates of SCI from…

Jeremi Young

UBS will Pay $89 Million to Settle Overtime Suit

UBS Financial services has agreed to settle class-action suits by employees claiming to have been underpaid for overtime work. Settlement of all claims, both state and federal, could result in payment of up to $89 million. The basis for the suits was that UBS misclassified as exempt certain financial advisers and employees in training for that job. These employees were paid on a salary basis…

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Lessons Learned from Litigation against Wal-Mart about Class Certification in Sex Discrimination Cases.

In Dukes v. Wal-Mart Stores the federal district court certified the largest ever private civil rights class. There are 1.5 million female current and former Wal-Mart workers certified to be part of the suit. Beyond the unprecedented size and scope of the class the class members come from different geographic locations and held a variety of positions, both hourly and salaried. Despite these…

Jeremi Young

Computer Professionals Are Denied Overtime Pay

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), a federal law, workers are entitled to overtime pay unless they fall under specific exemptions. Computer professionals are often improperly treated as exempt. If you install, maintain, or supportcomputer hardware or software (but are not primarily engaged in software development or other independent, creative work (coding or architecture design)…

Jeremi Young

Healthcare Staffing Industry Employees Illegally Denied Overtime Pay

Due to a shortage of health care workers in the U.S., healthcare staffing companies have experienced tremendous opportunities and growth in recent years. Companies like MHA Group, the parent company of Merritt Hawkins & Associates as wells as Staff Care, Inc., and Martin Fletcher & Associates, employ hundreds of workers who attempt to entice physicians, nurses and other health care workers to…

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Mortgage Company Faces Class-Action Lawsuit for Unpaid Overtime

First Horizon Mortgage Corp. has been sued by several of its former loan officers. They contend that First Horizon Mortgage did not pay them overtime and violated the law. More specifically, seven loan officers for First Horizon in Johnson County, Kan., had filed suit in U.S. District Court Kansas City, Kan., in October claiming the company failed to pay them for overtime they worked. …