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Botox Can Cause Problems

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Botox has been linked to a number of hospitalizations and deaths this year. Of those deaths, four of the victims have been children. In addition to this, 87 people were hospitalized. Botox and Myobloc have been linked to the injuries and fatalities because the toxin spread inside the bodies of the patients, killing some of them and injuring others. The botulism toxin has also been linked to problems with muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing.

Botulinum toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is known as Botox and Myobloc commercially. It is best known for smoothing facial wrinkles and treating cervical dystonia (rigid neck muscles). The toxin is also used to treat children with cerebral palsy. Injecting Botox into the child’s muscles allows them to gain normal movement.

People have known for quite a while now that injecting botulinum can cause unwanted effects in nearby muscles; injections to smooth eye creases can cause eyelid drooping. The FDA also states that the adverse effects of botox do not always occur right away and can emerge weeks after treatment.