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Outrage Over Anna School Bus Crash

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Parents were outraged after 16 students were injured in an Anna school bus crash that occurred around 4 p.m. yesterday. Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell says that the district never received complaints about the driver of the bus, but some parents said they made several complaints BEFORE the crash ever occurred.

The bus was carrying 32 students when it hit a curb, careened through a parking lot and crashed into a telephone pole. 16 of the students were injured as a result.

According to some parents, the driver has been seen looking at notes while behind the wheel of the bus. One parent, Marloe Colombo, said she witnessed him doing just that on the same morning of the wreck. Colombo’s duaghter was literally thrown out of the exit door of the bus during the crash.

The Anna Independent School District claims that they have not had prior complaints about this driver. The bus company, First Student, has a reputation for employing good drivers.

Anna police have not said whether the bus driver will be cited for the accident. However, that may not be enough. Several parents tried to notify the district of this driver’s incompetence, and it seems their warnings fell on deaf ears. It sounds like the district was extremely negligent in this particular case, and, as a result, 16 kids were hurt–and could have been killed. This is simply not acceptable.

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