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Botox for Cerebral Palsy Goes Under Review

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Washington officials is warning doctors about using Botox for cerebral palsy children. Botox is most commonly used on adults to smooth out wrinkles, but has also shown positive results in chilrden with cerebral palsy. Although the government has never officially approved botox injections to treat cerebral palsy, it has been shown to increase mobility in children and adults with cerebral palsy.

The two drugs, Botox and Myobloc, use botulinum toxin, which blocks nerve impulses to muscles, causing them to relax. The FDA says in rare cases, the toxin may have spread beyond the injection site to other parts of the body which could result in paralysis of respiratory muscles and difficulty swallowing.

Although an official review has not been completed, the FDA said the deaths and other problems could be from an overdose. The maker of Botox said children with cerebral palsy have far larger doses injected into their muscles than the doses given to adults seeking to lose their wrinkles.

But the FDA warned that it also has reports of side effects in people of all ages who are given the drugs for a variety of conditions.