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Woman Left in Vegetative State After C-Section Receives $17 Million

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Norwalk Hospital, located in Norwalk, Conn has settled a lawsuit involving themselves and a former doctor for nearly $17 million. The lawsuit was filed by the parents of Mia House, who suffered permanent brain damage after her blood-oxygen levels were allowed to drop dangerously low during a routine Caesarean section. Mia House has been in a vegetative state since the procedure.

The C-section was performed in July of 2003 at Norwalk Hospital. Dr. Jay Angeluzzi administered an anesthetic to Mia House during the procedure, and failed to properly monitor his patient’s condition. Angeluzzi was accused of failing to monitor another patient in 1998, leaving that person in a similiar state to Mia House’s. The hospital agreed to pay the victim’s family nearly $12.7 million, and Angeluzzi and Norwalk Anesthesiology P.C. agreed to pay $4 million.

Dr. Jay Angeluzzi voluntarily surrendered his medical license in 2004.