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Hot News Topic: Puppy Dealer Sued For Failing to Disclose Health Problems

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I found a story online today that I found to be quite interesting. Apparently, investigators found that a North Richland Hills business was selling ill and imported puppies! The customers of Epuppypro and LoBoPuppies thought they were buying healthy puppies when they purchased them, however, the Attorney General’s office is saying that it just wasn’t true.

One family purchased a puppy they found on the internet from LoBoPuppies.com. They paid $2,000 for a tiny bulldog but were suspicious when they never received their certification papers. When her bulldog came in it was undernourished, infected and missing its hip sockets.

Next thing you know, the Texas Attorney General’s Office was suing Epuppypro and LoBoPuppies for violating the deceptive trade practices act. The company’s are now under a restraining order and are being forced to repay owners for damages incurred.

How many people out there own a puppy that came from horrible conditions? These people are terrible!

What do you think about this? How many places in North Texas are running similar puppy mills?