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Ride Malfunction Prompts Six Flags Suit

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When the Six Flags ride the Texas Tornado malfunctioned in March 2006, nine people were injured from bumping into each other as the operator utilized the emergency safety switch to lower the ride. Trista Price, who suffered minor back injuries, filed a lawsuit this week claiming that Six Flags Over Texas was negligent in its operation and maintenance of the popular ride and that the ride manufacturer, Chances Rides Manufacturing, sold Six Flags a “defective and unreasonably dangerous ride.”

The bearings that made the ride spin malfunctioned, leading to the quick decision of the operator to halt the ride. Injuries ranged from bruises to back and neck strains. The lawsuit argues that operator error contributed to the accident – in addition to design defects. The lawsuit does not specify an amount for damages.

We should not feel as though our lives are at risk when we visit theme parks. (Unless you count those seconds on a roller coaster when you wonder why in the world you got on!) If you have sustained injuries as a result of an Amusement Park accident, contact and amusement park attorney.