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Jeff Rasansky
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The cost of being a PPC attorney.

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Finance and travel have the top costs in the pay per click (PPC) campaigns run online by search engines like Google. But, being an attorney is right up there in cost per clicks. Just read this article by the New York Times or go directly to cwire.org and see a list of the highest paid search terms on the web. Samples of cost per click:

  • · $65.85 personal injury lawyer michigan
  • · $61.26 car accident attorney los angeles
  • · $59.39 arizona dui lawyer
  • · $55.57 mesothelioma attorneys
  • · $47.74 automobile accident lawyers
  • · $44.52 truck accident lawyers

What is the real cost? You could spend thousands each month but is it paying off? Do you have a conversion rate? Are you getting the clients you want from this type of advertising? It’s time to measure up and find out if the cost of being a PPC attorney is worth the investment.