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Motorcyclist in Hit-and-Run Accident in Critical Condition

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Police in Arlington have yet to find the driver who crashed into a motorcycle on Highway 287 on Monday. Though the vehicle driver does not appear to be at fault in the accident that left the motorcyclist in critical condition, he or she fled the scene of the early morning accident.

Apparently, the motorcycle was driving faster than 100 mph when the collision occured. The police retained the bumper of the green Honda that was involved in the accident and are open to any leads in finding the car’s owner.

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injury or even death. While in most cases, these accidents are the fault of other drivers, road conditions, or bike malfunction, many motorcyclists seem to have the tendency to weave in and out of traffic as if they are invincible. Whether you have been injured as a result of a motorcyclist’s carelessness, or you yourself has been the unfortunate victim while driving your motorcycle, contact an accident attorney to discuss your legal options.