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Jeff Rasansky
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18-Wheeler Jackknifes on I-35E in Dallas, Hits Motorists, Flips, Crashes, Burns, and Kills


About 1pm this afternoon, an 18-wheeler truck struck two parked cars on the shoulder of the southbound side I-35E in Dallas, Texas, then jackknifed, went through concrete barriers, flipped, crashed, and then caught fire in what is sure to be one of the most traumatic and deadly truck wrecks to occur recently in Dallas.

Pictures and helicopter views of the charred big rig are astounding – very little is left of the truck. The other two vehicles are unidentifiable in the carnage of this accident. I-35E was shut down while emergency crews cleared the scene; at this point, one woman did not survive the accident.

Our question is simple: why did the truck hit two parked cars on the shoulder? The accident occurred just north of the George Bush Turnpike where I-35 was been recently redone – the shoulders are fairly wide and the roads in good condition. Was the truck driver under an influence, whether exhaustion or some substance? Had the driver been driving too long? What other possible causes could exist for this senseless – and possibly needless – wreck?

Our Texas truck accident lawyers would love to find out.


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  1. too close says:
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    ambulance chaser, how would you like it if this were someone you knew.

  2. James Cool says:
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    too close:

    Speaking just for myself, I suppose I’d be glad there were people interested in helping me find justice, willing to front the thousands and thousands of dollars it takes to make that happen, and knowledgable about my problem.

    But that’s just me.