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Worker Seriously Injured By Heavy Equipment Accident

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According to this article at silive.com, a worker at a Staten Island construction site was injured Monday night after he fell off of a front-end loader and was crushed by one of the wheels.

The victim was taken to Richmond University Medical Center and remains in critical condition at the time of this writing. The accident is still pending investigation.

According to reports, the man attempted to board the front-end loader as it was still moving and then slipped on the machine’s ladder,  landing beneath one of the massive wheels. It’s worth noting that this particular piece of equipment weighs an astounding 30,000 lbs. It is a miracle that this gentlemen has survived an accident like this. We hope that he makes a full recovery.

Working with heavy machinery is a dangerous line of employment. As such, it becomes necessary to take precautions when operating around equipment like front-end loaders. Failure to adhere to safety guidelines can result in serious injury and even death. At the Rasansky Law Firm, we have won settlements for clients involved in a wide variety of workplace injuries. If you’ve been hurt on the job, make sure you call visit Texasinjuryattorney.com or call 1 800 ATTORNEY today.