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Two Incidents of Negligence Appear in National News

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Two separate deaths have risen more than a few eyebrows about the responsibilities of healthcare systems. Recently, a video was released of a woman dying on the floor of an emergency psychiatric room in Brooklyn, New York, while nearby people ignore her.

The appalling video shows a 49-year old woman keeling over and falling out of her chair on June 19. After thrashing around on the floor, the woman eventually goes still and dies.

An entire hour goes by before someone realized what was happening. So far, the agency that runs the municipal hospital fired several staffers as a result of this horrible negligence. So far, it doesn’t appear that any sort of claim or charges have been filed.

And earlier this month, Adrienne Lemons was placed in a Tarrant county jail as a result of unpaid traffic tickets. Ten days later she was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she died.

Although a spokeswoman for the hospital declined to comment, Lemons’ ex-husband says that she had a staph infection and was supposed to be taking antibiotics during her incarceration. She had earlier complained about pain near her shoulder at the jail and even threatened to cut her wrists rather than endure the pain. The response?

Adrienne was shuttled off to a solitary cell downtown, where she died.

These are both cases of negligence that must be examined closely. It is unacceptable for anyone to die while in the care/supervision of these facilities.