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Connecting with elderly loved ones during the COVID-19 outbreak became a challenge for most families, so The Cochran Firm Texas felt it needed to step up and help. 

On September 23, the Cochran Firm Texas delivered new video conferencing devices to Dallas and Houston area assisted living centers and nursing homes. As part of The Injury Board (IB) Day of Action, a national outreach event by attorneys across the U.S, the firm’s goal was to make it easier for families to visit virtually and help protect seniors against social isolation. 

The Cochran Firm on the Injury Board Day of Action

During the pandemic, everyone was forced to limit face-to-face communication, and video conferencing became a part of our daily lives. However, the technology wasn’t readily available in many senior living facilities. 

“While we can’t bring people together in person, we hope that this will play just a small part in allowing some families to connect with the people they love,’’ said Bryan Pope, managing partner at The Cochran Firm Texas.

Unable to visit his parents in person during the pandemic, Pope knows first hand the fears and frustrations families face regarding seniors in isolation. However, for his parents, they have access to the necessary devices and have succeeded in learning how to navigate video conferencing. He hopes his law firm’s efforts will help other families reap the same benefits as his family.

“The fact we have resources and technology to stay in touch and maintain and strengthen our relationship during this time is priceless,’’ he said. 

Cochran Firm staff at the Auberge facility for Injury Board's Day of Action.

According to Pope, a core value of The Cochran Firm Texas is relationships, which means caring for each other and being a good servant leader in the community. 

“This is why we are honored and excited to work with the Injury Board in providing a connective way for nursing home residents and assisted living residents to stay in touch with their loved ones who are outside of the facility and restricted in visiting,’’ he said. 

As a member of The Injury Board, a professional association of trial attorneys who pool their time, talents, and resources to expand the footprint of grassroots organizations, The Cochran Firm Texas aims to contribute to its community’s strengthening. We are here to help, so if you ever find yourself in need of an attorney that understands, remember Cochran Cares. You can contact us here, via our online chat or call 800-843-3476.

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