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The growing popularity of social media websites, such as Twitter, is reaching places some never thought possible. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently created various twitter accounts and can be seen tweeting regularly.

Twitter is a social media network that allows for people to microblog under the topic of “what are you doing?” Twitter has been growing at an exponential rate with many companies recently creating accounts. The FDA has joined the trend by having various twitter accounts, including a branch of the FDA named the Division of Drug Information (DDI). The FDA has various other accounts to provide the public with safety information as well. These accounts include FDArecalls, foodrecalls, in addition to FDA_Drug_Info.

The FDA has created these twitter accounts to provide the public immediate information about recalls, warnings, and regulation. These feeds, however, are non-conversational – don’t be surprised if the FDA doesn’t friend you back (it’s not personal).

If you would like the most up-to-date information, create a twitter account and follow these different FDA accounts. Creating an account is quick and easy. While you are at it, you can tweet with our personal injury law firm as well!

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