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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

I read an interesting article in The Brownsville Herald that says physicians aren’t worrying so much about the proposed label warning and still plan on prescribing them. They say that if used both properly and sparingly, Cipro and other fluoroquinolones are safe for most patients.

This certainly conflicts with many of the first hand accounts I’ve read.

Still, one of the physician’s interviewed in the article says that the FDA’s decision to add a black-box warning “might be an overreaction”. Many doctors prescribe this medication regularly to treat urinary tract infections and illnesses that don’t respond to other antibiotics. Children do not get prescribed these medications.

According to the FDA, the risk of tendon rupture is greater in the elderly population and those who have had organ transplants.

So the question is why are these doctors not worried about the obvious risk that this class of drug presents? Are they not aware of the countless reports of horrible side-effects, some of which are permanent?

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