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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

A woman has suffered blood clots caused by NuvaRing, a transparent vaginal ring that provides month long birth control. The ring releases a continuous, low dose of estrogen and progestin for 21 days. Since NuvaRing hit the market seven years ago, it has been the subject of hundreds of lawsuits related to blood clots. Twelve deaths across the nation have been attributed to NuvaRing.

Misty Liebert was 27 years old when she experienced potentially fatal blood clots in her lungs. She began using NuvaRing after she had a child and said she used oral contraceptives for a decade prior with no problem. She did not have a history of blood clots.

Three weeks after Liebert began using NuvaRing, she woke up coughing up blood. Tests confirmed that she had two clots in her left lung. Now Liebert must take a blood thinner for three to six more months so that her body may absorb the clots.

Unfortunately, not all NuvaRing users have been as lucky as Liebert. Dena Jenn of St. Louis died within one month of using NuvaRing. Jenn was running on a treadmill when she lost her breath and collapsed. It turned out she had a blood clot that found its way to her lungs.

Misty Liebert is now warning other women about NuvaRing and its potentially fatal side affects.

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