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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

In this disturbing story out of Virginia, two disabled women in wheelchairs separately testified that they had been molested and raped numerous times by the driver who transported one to adult daycare and the other to work.

Alton Kenney Davis, 56, has 12 sex-related charges against him. A 19-year-old mentally disabled woman said David had raped her three different times, along with other inappropriate conduct. She finally told her supervisor at work about the incidents. The 24-year-old claimed Davis molested her four times last year when he would stop the van while driving her home from an adult daycare center – touching her inappropriately and forcing her to touch him. Out of fear, she did not say anything until questioned by police in February.

Until fired because of the charges against him, Davis was a driver for Guardian Ambulance Services through its contract with LogistiCare, which provides services to recipients of Medicaid.

The 12 felony charges against Davis were sent to the grand jury. They include three abduction by force charges with intent to defile, four aggravated sexual battery charges of an incapacitated person and five rape charges involving a helpless victim.

Not only do we have to consider the type of care facility that is best and the safest for our loved ones – this shows that we even have to be wary of any subcontractors or vendors used by those facilities. It is unimaginable that a man could be so sick as to mollest and rape disabled women.

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