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The wreckage from a helicopter that went down Monday morning in Montgomery County was transported to Dallas for examination earlier this week. Inspectors were attempting to determine why the Bell 206L-4 helicopter crashed. They did not give a statement about the cause as of yet.

A report on the accident is going to be released in 10 days, according to Keith Holloway, the spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board. He says that a report that lists the cause will take as many as 18 months.

The pilot, John Downhower and photographer, Dave Garrett, were on their way to take footage of a shooting incident when their helicopter crashed near Peoples Road. The helicopter broke apart and went up in flames after the impact, according to Texas Department of Public Safety officials. Both individuals were ejected from the copter.

Investigators will go over radar and air traffic control data to attempt to find out what happened. Funeral services for both individuals will be held this weekend.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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