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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

Drive anywhere along the highways that snake in and out of Dallas and you will see them: Billboards for attorneys. After awhile, they all start to look the same! One thing is for sure, there is now shortage of lawyers in Dallas.

Yes, you may see the ads on TV, in newspapers and hear them on the radio, but what happens when it’s time for you to choose a lawyer in Dallas? What do you do then? How do you know who to call?

Finding the right attorney is like finding the right car. You have to do your research and really get to know what you are looking for. It is always a good idea to get recommendations from your friends or family…perhaps they’ve had a good experience with an attorney and can give you a referral. But what else should you look for?

Specialization is one of the most important aspects of finding the right attorney. You wouldn’t want an attorney who specializes in taxes to be handling your divorce case, right? If you have been injured in a car accident, you will want to find a personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accidents. It seems like a no-brainer, right?

Track-record is another important thing to look for when searching for an attorney. You will want an attorney who has a history of winning the kinds of settlements that you are looking for. So when you go in to speak with an attorney or call for a case evaluation, you should ask them how many of these kinds of cases they’ve tried and won.

You should always talk to several different lawyers before deciding on one. This is known as "comparison shopping". Ask them about their experience and write down everything they say. Take the time to think things over and then set up an appointment with the one who sounds right for you.

The Rasansky Law Firm maintains a tradition of excellence when it comes to personal injury cases. We specialize in auto accident, birth injury, medical malpractice, daycare abuse, unpaid overtime and many others. Our record of success is second to none. If you are looking for a lawyer in Dallas who will represent you to the fullest, call us or simply fill out the FREE case evaluation form to the right of this blog. Someone will contact you shortly to discuss your potential case.

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