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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

Boys have about a 20 percent higher chance of dying by the age of one than girls, according to research released Monday. Though the gap has lessened in the past decades because of medical practices like increased Caesarean sections and intensive care units for premature babies, there is still a disparity between the genders.

Some of this may be attributed to the data showing that boys are 60 percent more likely to be born prematurely. Conditions such as neonatal respiratory distress syndrome are linked to pre-term birth – occuring in infants whose lungs are underdeveloped – and making it difficult for the baby to breathe. Becuase they have larger bodies and head sizes, baby boys also face a greater risk of birth injury and/or mortality. The data was consistent across several industrialized countries.

Birth injury can often be avoided if doctors take necessary precautions before, during and after delivery. Even so, these birth injuries are common – and as the research shows – more common among male infants. Has your child suffered a birth injury because of negligent or improper medical care? Contact a birth injury attorney to discuss your legal options.

Read the Reuters Story.

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