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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

Six middle school football players from North Texas have just been released from local hospitals after they were sprayed with antifreeze from a school bus on Thursday night after returning from a game in Gainesville.

The accident occurred after the bus made it back to their hometown in Sanger after a road game. The students were sprayed with antifreeze from a hose that busted lose during their ride home, according to a report from the Sanger Independent School District.

Four of the students were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas and two went by ground ambulance to hospitals in Denton.

As of now, the manufacturer of the buses have been contacted and all three of them have been removed from service.

Bus accidents sure have been on the rise lately, haven’t they? Granted, this accident hardly measures up to the fatal wrecks that have occurred earlier this year, but it makes you really question what’s going on. Are bus manufacturers simply dropping the ball? Are they not held up to the same safety standards as other vehicles?

Here’s an alarming fact: over 200 bus companies have been ordered off of Texas roads over the past two years. What on Earth is going on???

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