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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

An accident can be a frightening experience. In a best case situation no one is injured and there is minimal damage to either car. Sometimes, however, an accident will result in property damage or injuries. Worse still are the potentially serious injuries, unbelievable property damage, and potential fatalities.

Having a lawyer that has experience combating the large insurance companies is vital. A lawyer who has experience in front of judges and juries may be invaluable in protecting you or in getting you the settlement or award that you deserve. The other driver’s insurance company will most likely have top-notch lawyers representing them in your accident case, and you deserve the same!

Fewer and fewer people have good health insurance these days and any kind of medical problems that occur as a result of an auto accident can be a disaster to your pocketbook.

Insurance companies can feed on your fear and inexperience and may try to take advantage of you. Having a lawyer who is experienced in these matters is priceless. No one plans on getting into a major car accident, but if it happens, you must be prepared.

The best lawyers will take cases on a contingency basis which allows you to have the same quality of lawyers that an insurance company will, without having to pay a huge retainer up front. This can level the playing field for the little guy who is involved in an accident.

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