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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

Claiming she and other nurses had not been paid overtime for work done over the course of three years, Carrolton-resident Angela Valcho has filed a lawsuit against Parkland Health & Hospital System. As an hourly employee, a 30-minute lunch was automatically deducted when clocking in and out of the payroll system. According to her attorney, Alan Crone, Valcho claims there were several days when she was interrupted during lunch or unable to take one at all.

According to an article in today’s print edition of the Dallas Business Journal, lawsuits over unpaid overtime are growing in North Texas, with an increase of almost 90 percent in the past eight years. Additionally, approximately $163 million in overtime back wages was collected by more than 311,000 employees throughout the nation in 2007 – and that’s just in the cases where the Department of Labor was involved.

The amount Valcho is seeking was not specified, but with more than 2,300 full-time nurses, the hospital could face a domino-effect with other employees following Valcho’s lead if she wins. If you think you are entitled to back unpaid overtime wages, contact an Overtime Attorney today or visit this link to find out more.

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