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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

There has been somewhat of a salmanalla outbreak across the country, with 388 cases reported in 42 states. Five of these cases were in Texas and one of them was in Tarrant County (North Texas Area). Health officials are clueless as to what has caused this particular outbreak.

The lab at the Tarrant County Health Department said that they are looking for a common strain of salmonella known as typhimurium. What worries the Centers for Disease Control is the fact that typhimurium has made people in Texas and several others across the nation ill.

There were five cases in all in Texas, including Tarrent County, Travis, Harris and Willacy counties. It is likely that these cases may have been linked to foods that were distributed across the United States.

So far, the CDC has yet to issue a warning. It is important to note that typhimurium is most often found in eggs, cheese, poultry and unpasteurized milk. So far there have not been any cases in Dallas, Collin, or Denton counties.

In 2006, the FDA recalled baby spinach and in 2007, peanut butter was recalled after salmonella was found in Peter Pan and Great Value brands. Last year, peppers were linked to a number of recalls and incidents, including many throughout the state of Texas.

The symptoms of salmonella poisoning are typically nausea and vomiting and abdominal pains and diarrhea. Fever chills and muscle pain may also be associated with Salmonella poisoning.

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