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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has stopped the scheduled execution of Bobby Wayne Woods due to claims that the 42 year old man is mentally retarded. Woods was scheduled to be executed in Huntsville today for the 1997 death of his ex-girlfriend’s 11 year old daughter.

Woods claimed that he wasn’t responsible for the young girl’s death and blamed it on his cousin who ended up killing suicide. Woods was to be the second prisoner in the State of Texas this week to have been executed. Two more men are scheduled to be executed next week.

The appeal that Woods’ lawyers filed cited IQ tests and records that showed Woods received failing grades in most of his special education classes when he was going to school. Woods has been proven to have severe deficiencies in reading and writing skills, understanding the concept of punishment and understanding that actions have consequences.

However, Woods made a statement to police at one time, saying that he had taken drugs before he went to his former girlfriend’s house and he admitted to the abduction. DNA found on the murder weapon was traced back to Woods.

The fact that Woods’ execution has been delayed brings quite a bit of media attention to a very hotly debated topic in today’s world. Texas currently leads the nation in executions of inmates, with 13 already this year.

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