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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

If drug companies knew that drug addicts were buying every day over the counter cold medicines to extract the ingredients needed to make methamphetamine to get high, could you award monetary damages and send a message to the drug companies that they should have done something to prevent to it? Linda Green believes that people are sick and tired of drug companies not taking responsibility for their actions. Her husband was Trooper Nikky Joe Green and she has sued drug maker Pzifer, Wal-Greens, Wal-Mart and others because

she claims that this company and others knew that meth addicts and suppliers were buying the drug to get high and not to treat a cold. In her wrongful death-suit, she also alleges, that these comanies could have made these cold tablets without allowing drug addicts to extract the ingredients needed to make the illegal drugs.

Her husband, State Trooper Green was gunned down by Ricky Ray Malone in December 2003. During his criminal trial, Mr Malone’s attorney claimed that Malone was in a meth-induced stupor when he shot the trooper. A mobile methamphetamine lab was found in Mr. Malone’s car.

Linda Green feels that she has a responsibility to take action and said through her attorney,

“The reason for filing this suit is to hold those people accountable for what they’ve done, not just to Nik Green and his family [but for] every other person in the United States who’s been impacted,” said Gary James, an Oklahoma City attorney representing Linda Green.

This is an issue that effects all of us. Please urge your local pharmacy and drug store to curb and limit the distribution of over the counter cold medicine.

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