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| The Cochran Firm - Dallas

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be eligible for compensation depending on the circumstances in which your injury occurred and evidence gathered about the incident.

A personal injury case that falls under this category includes:

Trip and Fall – an object in the walking path creates the fall
Stump and Fall – there is an impediment on the walking surface
Step and Fall – the actual walking surface fails or has a hole
Slip and Fall – where the shoe loses contact with the floor

The property owner and the injured person can both hold different degrees of responsibility for the injury. While the property owner must keep the property safe, the injured party should exercise reasonable caution and watch where they are going. The term “comparative negligence” refers to the comparison of the injured party’s responsibility in comparison to the property owners’ responsibility.

In the case of permanent hazardous conditions, such as broken stairs, the property owner is more likely to be held responsible than in temporary conditions like ice on the sidewalk. If you are injured, you should gather evidence, get information from witnesses, and fill out an accident report that can assist determine fault later. You may be eligible for compensation including medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering and any future medical expenses. Contact a lawyer for more information

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