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Like all states, Texas has certain laws that help maintain order on the state’s roads. These rules are there to remind drivers of these rules, but it is the drivers’ responsibility to be aware of what is expected of them when they get behind the wheel.

Right of Way

The right of way should never be assumed, and even if you should have the right of way, you should be aware of others who believe that you should be the one yielding. You should typically yield:

  • To cars coming straight toward you when you are attempting a left-hand turn.
  • Upon leaving or entering a controlled-access highway.
  • At railroad crossings.
  • To pedestrians and vehicles entering the road from a private pathway, alley, structure, or driveway.
  • When the red lights of a school bus are flashing.
  • To traffic on a through street when you are driving on a minor road toward a T-junction.
  • When emergency vehicles are displaying their lights or have their sirens on.

If possible, you should also pull off to the right side of the road and stop when emergency vehicles are present, if possible.



A good driver needs to be aware of what is going on outside their vehicle and make others aware of their intended actions as well. This can be accomplished by signaling whenever you:

  • Change lanes
  • Attempt a turn
  • Pull out of a parallel parking space
  • Slow down or come to a stop


When You Get Pulled Over

If you are pulled over in violation of Texas law, you must:

  • Pull your vehicle as far to the right as possible (if there is no shoulder, driver ahead until you come to a place that is safe to stop).
  • Place the vehicle in park, turn off the car, and come to a complete stop.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • Lower the driver’s side window and wait for instruction from law enforcement.

Understanding the rules of the road in Texas can make the difference between a safe drive and a traffic ticket or worse—a serious accident. Observing these rules will help keep Texas roads safer for everyone.

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