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Ethel Wright filed a lawsuit against Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University and Saiyed Aon Ali Mohib, M.D., stating that they failed to exercise reasonable care, which caused her to loose her husband.

Doctors and hospitals nationwide make mistakes that result to death and injury to their patients. An article by Steve Gonzalez in the Belleville Bureau on Monday, April 03, 2006 describles a lawsuit by a woman who lost her husband and filed a lawsuit against the doctor and hospital her husband trusted when he was sick.

Ethel Wright filed a wrongful death suit against Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University and Saiyed Aon Ali Mohib, M.D., alleging the defendants failed to exercise reasonable care customarily provided in the health care industry which caused her husband’s death.

According to Wright’s suit filed March 27 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, Dr. Mohib failed to ensure correction of her husband Paul’s hypokalemia before he underwent ileostomy takedown on March 7, 2005, and failed to perform a proper cardiology clearance for elective surgery, causing him to die on March 22, 2005.

Paul Wright was a patient of Dr. Mohib from Feb. 25, 2005 through March 7, 2005.

Wright also claims Barnes and Washington University failed to correct Paul’s hypokalemia before the operation.

Hypokalemia is a potentially fatal condition in which the body fails to retain sufficient potassium to maintain health.

An ileostomy is a stoma, a surgically created opening into the body that has been constructed by bringing the end of the small intestine out onto the surface of the skin. Intestinal waste passes out of the ileostomy and is collected in an external bag stuck to the skin.

Wright claims her husband’s death caused permanent damages to his next of kin who have been deprived of the reasonable value of his services, companionship, comfort, instruction, guidance, counsel, training, love and support they would have received had he not died.

Represented by Joseph Bartholomew of Belleville, Wright is seeking damages in excess of $150,000, plus all costs of the suit.

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